Need help creating clear, inspiring and persuasive copy?

I turn your tech, IT or science articles, business contentbios and blog posts into simple, engaging language.

In a nutshell, I help you

write, polish, publish.

How I can help you?

Let me count the ways…

1. Writing

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2. Editing

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3. Proofreading

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4. Content Review

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5. Image Curation

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6. Retainer Arrangements

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What clients say

"Jude is easy to work with and delivers very
professional results when turning my academic
pieces of technical writing into engaging articles
for a tech savvy, mainstream audience. I am
especially grateful for the way she takes care to
preserve my key messages and transform the
most interesting aspects into a cohesive and
accessible read."
Susan Krueger
Data Scientist
"Jude is fantastic to work with.
I highly recommend
I hate writing and she made it so easy to put
the words I
needed into something that
made sense and captured
exactly what I
wanted to say. Thanks Jude!"
Belinda Sierzchula
testimonial to come
Ali Simmons
Well Adjusted Osteopathy

Meet Jude

Jude Lockhart

Your Freelance Sci-Tech and IT Writer |  Business Copywriter | Editor | Proofreader

Work with me and truly
connect with your audience.