About Jude

How I got here

Don’t ask me where I’m from.

I’ve lived in so many places in Australia that no single place feels like home.

As a medical/scientific illustrator in a past life, I had a knack for translating complex concepts into clear visual form. Unexpectedly, this knack transferred to my writing where I turn specialist jargon into plain language.

Later, as a business owner-manager, I thrived on creating promo materials, web content, website updates, product descriptions, photoshoots, and B2C and B2B communications.

I get it: preparing effective B2B and B2C content takes time—time busy managers don’t have.

I’m an information sponge. I relish creating content that has depth and purpose. In the process I learn extraordinary things from extraordinary people.

People and relationships matter most to me, including those in business.

Why should that matter to you? Because I know how to connect with your people.

On my way here, I’ve been a graphic designer, illustrator, studio potter, public programs presenter, business owner-manager (in manufacturing, retail and design sectors). I’ve worked for an award-winning publisher and bring all of the above to my freelance copywriting service.

I love working with genuinely unpretentious clients who enjoy a generous sprinkling of fun while we get the important stuff done.

If you like the sound of this, contact me and let’s see if we’d be a good fit.

Ready to discuss a copywriting project with me?