What clients say

"Jude is easy to work with and delivers very professional results when turning my academic pieces of technical writing into engaging articles for a tech savvy, mainstream audience. I am especially grateful for the way she takes care to preserve my key messages and transform the most interesting aspects into a cohesive and accessible read."
Susan Krueger
Data Scientist
Strathclyde Business School & Maru/Syngro
"Jude is fantastic to work with. I highly recommend her. I hate writing and she made it so easy to put the words I needed into something that made sense and captured exactly what I wanted to say. Thanks Jude!"
Belinda Sierzchula
"Every year for the past six I’ve tried to get a seminar spot in the educational section of a national Expo. Every year I send in a bio and a description of what I’ll be talking about. This is excruciating for me—I’m a talker, not a writer. Upshot: I’ve never won that coveted spot. This year I was super-determined to win my spot. I called Jude for help. In a very short time frame, she transformed my waffle into gold and guess what? I got the spot. Thank you, Jude. You’re amazing!"
Misty Henkel
Sales & Networking Specialist
Well Adjusted Osteopathy
"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jude on creating a new updated and modern website. She has written fantastic content and really reflected our values and principles in the text. Jude went above and beyond the remit by liaising with my web designer to ensure the finished product was spot on. I cannot recommend Jude highly enough. Thank you."
Ali Simmons
Well Adjusted Osteopathy

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